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Прикольная пиксельная игра !


Thank you my russian friend!


I would recommend you add some sort of tutorial and you slow down the timer for the hearts going down. You should also add a progression bar. The art is Great but the game is quite boring, in my opinion.  


Thank you for feedback! I appreciate your opinion. Your advice will be very useful

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    Dude, I love pixelart in general, this one is no exception, it's cute, I love the typing mechanic, it's a fun way to practice, the thing is, it's hard, my response time for the next letter is so slow, would apreciate a brief view of whats coming next so I make a "path" to it, still love it, keep the good work. :D

Edit: And I'm struggling so much with the "I need to see the letter as fast as it appears" that I can't even see how many hearts I still have.


I am very glad that you have fun playing my game!!! Thank you for feedback very much, it`s really important for me! :>


It's pretty cool, especially the pixel art. One thing that would make it better I think would be if there were actually words instead of random letters. But again I've never made a typing game so it might take more time than the time frame of the game jam. :)


Thank you for your feedback very much!!! I`m glad that you like graphic! Your suggestion about words typing is amazing! But unfortunately, now i have no time for this update:(